Charter Schools also have higher ACT Participation Rates. Mostly because of Alliance.

The SAT isn’t the only game in town. As most people know, students can also take the ACT to fulfill their examination requirement for college applications. While 57.4% of students in LAUSD and LAUSD charters take the SAT, only 27% take the ACT. But just like the SAT, the ACT participation rate is higher in charter […]

Another STEM School? Really?

Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra thinks we need more STEM schools. He has introduced legislation that will create a state-chartered STEM school in Los Angeles county. According to Bocanegra, in a press release that was deleted from his website, “The next Mark Zuckerburg, Mae Jemison, or person who makes a breakthrough in science could be living in Pacoima, […]

LAUSD’s New 35 Magnet Programs

On May 9, with very little fanfare, the LAUSD school board approved the creation of 35 new magnets for the 2018-19 school year. That is a huge jump. The district added only 14 new magnets in 2016, and 13 in 2017. Adding 35 magnets substantially increases the magnet student spots. It will open approximately 7,778 magnet […]

Are My Grades Accurate?

Many people whine about standardized tests. I love them. I love them because I find them to be accurate at gauging my students’ understanding of the mathematics. Students who got A’s in my class get high scores on the state test. Students who got D’s or F’s get low scores. I know this sounds anecdotal, […]

Vouchers and Special Education in Los Angeles

Everyone is talking vouchers. I heard a particularly interesting piece on NPR last week that talked about the struggles of one family in Florida trying to use vouchers to find a private school that would accept their child with special needs. (Spoiler alert: they couldn’t find one). So let me just ask the question: What would vouchers mean […]