Look up Your School’s UC Admittance Rate

If you’re a school data nerd like me, today is Christmas. Why? Today the UC Office of the President released 2016 data for the UC system. This dataset is awesome, and I’m ready to open my Christmas present.

The first thing I did was calculate the application, admission and enrollment rates for every individual school. Essentially, what percent of the senior class applied, were admitted to, or enrolled in any UC school beginning in fall 2016? 

To me, the most important data are the admittances. Anyone can apply, and enrollment is a complex dance. But admittance rates tells you the most basic fact – were your students considered good enough to get in.

The top 20 schools based on UC Acceptances are:

  1. Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (49%)
  2. Alliance Ouchi-O’Donovan 6-12 Complex (43%)
  3. Renaissance Arts Academy (43%)
  4. Alliance Collins Family College-Ready High (42%)
  5. PUC Community Charter Middle and PUC Community Charter (42%)
  6. Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy (40%)
  7. Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High (40%)
  8. Thirty-Second Street USC Performing Arts (39%)
  9. High Tech LA (39%)
  10. Alliance Patti And Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy (36%)
  11. PUC Lakeview Charter High (36%)
  12. Wallis Annenberg High (35%)
  13. Animo Pat Brown (35%)
  14. Foshay Learning Center (34%)
  15. Alliance Leichtman-Levine Family Foundation (34%)
  16. Alliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology High (34%)
  17. Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High (33%)
  18. Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (32%)
  19. STEM Academy at Bernstein High (32%)
  20. Palisades Charter High (31%)

Now I am sure that you are probably anxious to look up your school’s admittance rate. A few cautionary notes before you look at this dataset.

First, long time readers might remember that I calculated these last year – and that the UC really does not make this task easy. The UC calls schools whatever name they feel like. So I had to cross reference all of the schools because the names sometimes do not match. As a result, I deeply apologize if there is an error, and please let me know if I got something wrong.

Second, I did not include data for any continuation schools, alternative education schools, special education centers or community day schools. I do not discount the valuable education they provide, I just think that listing so many of them as a 0% does not represent the whole picture for them.

Below you can search for your school’s UC rates by typing the name of the school into the search box on the top right. After you search for a school, click on that green plus sign and you will find the application rate (what percent of the senior class applied), the admission rate (what percent of the senior class was accepted) and the enrollment rate (what percent of the senior class enrolled).

For email subscribers (and I hope many of you consider subscribing!), you are going to have to visit the site to use the search feature. 

UC Name
Application Rate
Admit Rate
Enrollment Rate
Abraham Lincoln Senior HighABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL5152026629%19%12%
Academies of Education and Empowerment at Carson HACADEMIES EDUCATION/EMPOWERMNT5461711625%16%14%
Academy for Multilingual Arts and Science at MervyACADEMY MULTILINGUAL ARTS SCI546271276%2%0%
Academy of Medical Arts at Carson HighACADEMY OF MEDICAL ARTS AT CARSON5461812128%16%9%
Academy of Science and EngineeringACADEMY SCIENCE & ENGINEERING546266910%4%0%
Alain Leroy Locke College Preparatory AcademyALAIN LEROY LOCKE COLLEGE PREP5436747714%6%3%
Alexander Hamilton Senior HighALEXANDER HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL5152565834%22%14%
Alliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy HALLIANCE CINDY/BILL SIMON TECH5180413329%14%7%
Alliance College-Ready Academy High 16ALLIANCE TED K TAJIMA HIGH SCH545139238%26%21%
Alliance Collins Family College-Ready HighALLIANCE COLLINS FAMILY COLRDY5411814658%42%23%
Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan HighALLIANCE DR OLGA MOHAN HIGH SC5177910550%40%26%
Alliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 ComplexALLIANCE GERTZ-RESSLER HIGH SC5398312243%30%18%
Alliance Health Services Academy HighALLIANCE PIERA BARBAGLIA HSA543619830%17%10%
Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy HighALLIANCE JUDY BURTON TECH ACAD5408813444%28%13%
Alliance Leichtman-Levine Family Foundation EnviroALLIANCE LEICHTMAN-LEVINE ESHS5436012051%34%16%
Alliance Marc & Eva Stern Math and ScienceALLIANCE STERN MATH/SCI SCHOOL5416316838%24%11%
Alliance Morgan McKinzie HighALLIANCE MORGAN MCKINZIE HS543466341%24%16%
Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 ComplexALLIANCE OUCHI-O'DONOVAN 6-125159812252%43%27%
Alliance Patti And Peter Neuwirth Leadership AcadeALLIANCE PATTI & PETER ACADEMY5421811949%36%13%
Alliance Renee and Meyer Luskin Academy HighALLIANCE RENEE & MEYER LUSKIN516639632%14%8%
Alliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology HighALLIANCE SMIDT TECHNOLOGY HIGH5463613246%34%22%
Alliance Tennenbaum Family Technology HighALLIANCE TENNENBAUM FAMILY TECH HS5452713233%18%12%
Animo College Preparatory AcademyANIMO COLLEGE PREP ACADEMY5456910513%8%4%
Animo Jackie Robinson HighANIMO JACKIE ROBINSON CHRT SCH5419915132%19%14%
Animo Pat BrownANIMO PAT BROWN CHARTER HS5423814650%35%20%
Animo Ralph Bunche Charter HighANIMO RALPH BUNCHE CHARTER HS5425914130%11%5%
Animo South Los Angeles CharterANIMO S LOS ANGELES CHARTER HS5397514974%15%7%
Animo Venice Charter HighANIMO VENICE CHARTER HS5406912749%25%16%
Animo Watts College Preparatory AcademyANIMO WATTS COLLGE PREP ACDMY5428311634%16%9%
Arleta HighARLETA HIGH SCHOOL5006831319%9%5%
Aspire Pacific AcademyASPIRE PACIFIC ACADEMY5121414440%23%15%
Augustus F. Hawkins High A Critical Design and GamCRITICAL DESIGN AND GAMING SCH5463214215%8%4%
Augustus F. Hawkins High B Community Health AdvocaCOMMUNITY HEALTH ADVOCATES SCH546337333%11%5%
Augustus F. Hawkins High C Responsible IndigenousRISE AT AUGUSTUS HAWKINS HIGH5463410811%5%0%
Bell Senior HighBELL HIGH SCHOOL5024560629%19%11%
Belmont Senior HighBELMONT HIGH SCHOOL5154018729%22%12%
Belmont SH-LA Teacher Preparatory AcademyLOS ANGELES TEACHER PREP HS543663619%0%0%
Benjamin Franklin Senior HighBENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL5155030221%14%9%
Birmingham Community Charter HighBIRMINGHAM COMMUNITY HS5361579616%9%6%
Bright Star Secondary Charter AcademyBRIGHT STAR SECONDARY ACADEMY5420711233%26%15%
Camino Nuevo Charter HighCAMINO NUEVO HIGH SCHOOL539913438%18%9%
Camino Nuevo High No. 2CAMINO NUEVO HIGH SCHOOL NO 25469311544%28%17%
Canoga Park Senior HighCANOGA PARK HIGH SCHOOL5046534411%6%3%
Carson Senior HighCARSON HIGH SCHOOL5351532515%8%4%
Central City ValueCENTRAL CITY VALUE HIGH SCHOOL5176411746%24%20%
Cesar E. Chavez Learning Academies-Academy of ScieACADEMY OF SCIENTIFIC EXPLORAT545639923%12%9%
Cesar E. Chavez Learning Academies-Social JusticeSOCIAL JUSTICE HUMANITAS ACAD5454211946%25%18%
Cesar E. Chavez Learning Academies-Teacher PreparaTEACHER PREP ACADEMY5460111514%7%3%
Cesar E. Chavez Learning Academy - Arts/Theatre/EnART THEATER ENTERTAINMENT HS5455512031%17%10%
CHAMPS - Charter HS of Arts-Multimedia & PerforminCHARTER HS ARTS MEDIA PERFORM5404619033%19%11%
Chatsworth Charter HighCHATSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL5052850714%7%4%
Communication and Technology at Diego Rivera LearnDIEGO RIVERA COMM/TECH SCHOOL5454410526%14%12%
Contreras Learning Center-Los Angeles School of GlLOS ANGELES SCH GLOBAL STUDIES540579014%8%6%
Crenshaw Arts-Technology Charter HighCRENSHAW ARTS/TECH CHARTER HS539103345%30%12%
Crenshaw Science, Technology, Engineering, Math anCRENSHAW HIGH SCHOOL5156922218%9%6%
Daniel Pearl Journalism & Communications MagnetDANIEL PEARL MAGNET HIGH SCHL543689335%28%13%
David Starr Jordan Senior HighDAVID STARR JORDAN HS5157515411%4%3%
Discovery Charter Preparatory #2DISCOVERY CHARTER PREP SCHOOL524895925%15%8%
Downtown Business HighDOWNTOWN MAGNETS HIGH SCHOOL5157622338%25%17%
Eagle Rock HighEAGLE ROCK HIGH SCHOOL5158038426%17%9%
East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy at Esteban E.EAST LA RENAISSANCE ACADEMY544507416%8%0%
East Valley Senior HighEAST VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL5408213912%4%2%
Edward R. Roybal Learning CenterEDWARD R ROYBAL LEARNING CNTR5186225521%15%5%
El Camino Real Charter HighEL CAMINO REAL CHARTER HIGH SC53801104420%14%8%
Elizabeth Learning CenterELIZABETH LEARNING CENTER5069716430%13%4%
Engineering and Technology Academy at Esteban E. TENGINEERING & TECH ACAD AT THS544417920%9%6%
Esteban Torres East LA Performing Arts MagnetEAST LA PERFORMING ARTS MAGNET5445210028%19%5%
Fairfax Senior HighFAIRFAX HIGH SCHOOL5159045732%19%12%
Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez HighFELICITAS GONZALO MENDEZ HS5438116620%13%8%
Foshay Learning CenterFOSHAY LEARNING CENTER5178815159%34%7%
Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet HighF BRAVO MEDICAL MAGNET HS5171940053%33%21%
Gardena Senior HighGARDENA HIGH SCHOOL510203449%5%3%
George Washington Preparatory HighGEORGE WASHINGTON PREP HS5160525014%8%6%
Granada Hills Charter HighGRANADA HILLS CHARTER HIGH SCH51088108536%23%14%
Green Design at Diego Rivera Learning ComplexGREEN DESIGN COMMUNITY SCHOOL516228324%10%7%
Grover Cleveland Charter HighCLEVELAND HIGH SCHOOL5261864232%21%11%
Harbor Teacher Preparation AcademyHARBOR TEACHER PREPARATORY ACA537479267%40%21%
Helen Bernstein HighHELEN BERNSTEIN HIGH SCHOOL5424912025%10%5%
High Tech LAHIGH TECH HIGH LA515268053%39%15%
Hilda L. Solis Learning Academy School of TechnoloHILDA L SOLIS LEARNING ACDMY547107620%12%0%
Hollywood Senior HighHOLLYWOOD HIGH SCHOOL5161530831%17%9%
Humanitas Academy of Art and Technology at EstebanHUMANITAS ACADEMY ART AND TECH544517537%15%9%
Humanities and Arts (HARTS) Academy of Los AngelesHUMANITIES AND ARTS ACADEMY-LA54691819%6%4%
Huntington Park Senior HighHUNTINGTON PARK HIGH SCHOOL5123033930%15%9%
International Studies Learning Center at Legacy HiINTERNATIONAL STUDIES L.C.5402810931%17%8%
Ivy AcademiaIVY ACADEMIA542344831%19%13%
James A. Garfield Senior HighJAMES A GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL5163555925%15%8%
James Monroe HighJAMES MONROE HIGH SCHOOL5290256313%9%4%
John C. Fremont Senior HighJOHN C FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL5164539712%7%4%
John F. Kennedy HighJOHN F KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL5108948419%9%3%
John H. Francis PolytechnicJOHN H FRANCIS POLYTECHNIC HS5346767523%14%9%
John Marshall Senior HighJOHN MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL5165051837%25%17%
King/Drew Medical Magnet HighKING DREW MAGNET HS MED/SCI5167234739%26%15%
Larchmont CharterLARCHMONT CHARTER SCHOOL546834641%28%13%
Linda Esperanza Marquez High A Huntington Park InsHUNTINGTON PARK INST APLD MED5466714223%11%6%
Linda Esperanza Marquez High B LIBRA AcademyLIBRA ACADEMY AT LINDA MARQUEZ HS5464415433%20%12%
Linda Esperanza Marquez High C School of Social JuLINDA MARQUEZ HS-SOC JUSTICE5464510815%8%6%
Los Angeles Academy of Arts & Enterprise CharterLOS ANGELES ACAD ARTS ENTRPRSE543872843%0%0%
Los Angeles Center for Enriched StudiesLA CENTER ENRICHED STUDIES5156121960%49%27%
Los Angeles Leadership AcademyLOS ANGELES LEADERSHIP ACADEMY516606829%22%9%
Los Angeles River at Sonia Sotomayor Learning AcadLOS ANGELES RIVER SCHOOL517374020%8%0%
Los Angeles Senior HighLOS ANGELES SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL5168029820%10%5%
Magnolia Science AcademyMAGNOLIA SCIENCE ACADEMY530146042%17%8%
Magnolia Science Academy 2MAGNOLIA SCIENCE ACADEMY 2544754838%29%23%
Magnolia Science Academy 3MAGNOLIA SCIENCE ACADEMY 3545103432%24%12%
Magnolia Science Academy 4MAGNOLIA SCIENCE ACADEMY 4544682143%19%0%
Manual Arts Senior HighMANUAL ARTS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL5170030820%10%6%
Math, Science, & Technology Magnet Academy at RoosMATH SCI TECH MAGNT ACD AT RHS544369831%21%8%
Maywood Academy HighMAYWOOD ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL5399827923%13%6%
Middle College HighMIDDLE COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL5172210748%26%17%
Nathaniel Narbonne Senior HighNARBONNE HIGH SCHOOL5114056821%11%6%
New Designs CharterNEW DESIGNS CHARTER SCHOOL540257749%26%19%
New Designs Charter School-WattsNEW DESIGNS CHARTER SCH WATTS544981436%0%0%
New Millennium SecondaryNEW MILLENNIUM SECONDARY SCHL505124328%0%0%
New Village Girls AcademyNEW VILLAGE CHARTER SCHOOL541652726%0%0%
North Hollywood Senior HighNORTH HOLLYWOOD HIGH SCHOOL5214562326%18%10%
Northridge Academy HighNORTHRIDGE ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL5387921523%13%8%
Orthopaedic HospitalORTHOPAEDIC HOSP MED MAGNET HS5181118523%16%10%
Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter HighOSCAR DE LA HOYA ANIMO CHARTER5178114832%20%12%
Palisades Charter HighPALISADES CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL5232768943%31%15%
Panorama HighPANORAMA HIGH SCHOOL5408129812%7%4%
Phineas Banning Senior HighPHINEAS BANNING HIGH SCHOOL5378548113%7%4%
Port of Los Angeles HighPORT OF LOS ANGELES HS5405522022%11%5%
Public Service Community at Diego Rivera LearningSOUTH REGION HS #2A-PUBLIC SER5162010529%16%8%
PUC CALS Middle and Early College HighPUC CALIFORNIA ACDMY LIB STUDY515484831%21%10%
PUC Community Charter Middle and PUC Community ChaPUC CMNTY CHARTER EARLY COLG540659356%42%24%
PUC Early College Academy for Leaders and ScholarsPUC EARLY COLG ACADEMY LEADERS5454110636%24%15%
PUC Lakeview Charter HighPUC LAKEVIEW CHARTER HIGH SCHL5451911563%36%19%
PUC Triumph Charter Academy and PUC Triumph ChartePUC TRIUMPH CHARTER HIGH SCHL545324035%23%20%
Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and PerformingRAMON C CORTINES SCH VIS PERF5437636132%22%12%
Rancho Dominguez PreparatoryRANCHO DOMINGUEZ PREP SCHOOL5452514616%9%4%
Renaissance Arts AcademyRENAISSANCE ARTS ACADEMY517634260%43%17%
Reseda Senior HighRESEDA HIGH SCHOOL5262038313%6%3%
RFK Community Schools-Ambassador-Global LeadershipAMBASSADOR SCHL GLOBAL LDRSHP517767944%29%22%
RFK Community Schools-for the Visual Arts and HumaSCHOOL VISUAL ARTS HUMANITIES542436644%23%15%
RFK Community Schools-Los Angeles High School of tLOS ANGELES HS OF THE ARTS541628545%28%15%
RFK Community Schools-New Open World Academy K-12NEW OPEN WORLD ACADEMY544573636%28%17%
RFK Community Schools-UCLA Community K-12UCLA COMMUNITY SCHOOL5166211051%26%19%
Robert Fulton College PreparatoryROBERT FULTON COLLEGE PREP SCH5403017010%4%4%
San Fernando Senior HighSAN FERNANDO HIGH SCHOOL5290554924%14%9%
San Pedro Senior HighSAN PEDRO HIGH SCHOOL5319553820%15%10%
Santee Education ComplexSANTEE EDUCATION COMPLEX5397431821%11%6%
School of History and Dramatic Arts at Sonia SotomSCHOOL HISTORY & DRAMATIC ARTS545458921%10%10%
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and MathemaSTEAM LEGACY HIGH SCHOOL CMPLX5464911230%21%14%
Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched StudiesSHERMAN OAKS CTR ENRCHED STDS5261722443%32%21%
Social Justice Leadership Academy at Esteban E. ToSOCIAL JUSTICE LDRSHP @ TORRES544448533%18%13%
South East HighSOUTH EAST HIGH SCHOOL5398044524%16%8%
South Gate Senior HighSOUTH GATE HIGH SCHOOL5340066021%14%5%
STEM Academy at Bernstein HighSTEM ACADEMY OF HOLLYWOOD5462413945%32%24%
Student Empowerment AcademySTUDENT EMPOWERMENT ACADEMY517084613%0%0%
Sun Valley HighSUN VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL54363899%4%0%
Susan Miller Dorsey Senior HighSUSAN MILLER DORSEY SENIOR HS5179524414%7%4%
Sylmar Biotech Health AcademySYLMAR BIOTECH HEALTH ACADEMY54840819%0%0%
Sylmar Senior HighSYLMAR HIGH SCHOOL5290843915%8%4%
Synergy Quantum AcademySYNERGY QUANTUM ACADEMY5453111840%29%19%
Taft Charter HighWILLIAM HOWARD TAFT HS5380653221%13%7%
Theodore Roosevelt Senior HighTHEODORE ROOSEVELT SENIOR HS5180544716%9%6%
Thirty-Second Street USC Performing ArtsLAUSD/USC MATH SCI TECH SCH516528257%39%33%
Thomas Jefferson Senior HighTHOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL5181523026%17%10%
Ulysses S. Grant Senior HighULYSSES S GRANT HIGH SCHOOL5363347713%8%5%
University Senior HighUNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL5182540233%23%13%
USC Hybrid HighUSC HYBRID HIGH SCHOOL546738942%30%17%
Valley Academy of Arts and SciencesVALLEY ACADEMY ARTS & SCIENCES5454832321%9%6%
Valley Alternative MagnetVALLEY ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL521544745%23%17%
Van Nuys Senior HighVAN NUYS HIGH SCHOOL5363553032%22%13%
Vaughn Next Century Learning CenterVAUGHN NEXT CENTURY LEARN CTR5401513434%19%12%
Venice Senior HighVENICE HIGH SCHOOL5182841932%21%13%
Verdugo Hills Senior HighVERDUGO HILLS HIGH SCHOOL5354529821%13%8%
View Park Preparatory Accelerated HighVIEW PARK PREP ACCEL CHARTER HS5390416530%12%8%
Visual and Performing Arts at Legacy High School CVAPA LEGACY HIGH SCHOOL CMPLX546426919%9%6%
Wallis Annenberg HighWALLIS ANNENBERG HIGH SCHOOL517289955%35%18%
WESM Health/Sports MedicineWESTCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL5183025132%16%12%
West Adams Preparatory HighWEST ADAMS PREPARATORY HS5422536516%10%6%
Woodrow Wilson Senior HighWOODROW WILSON HIGH SCHOOL5184030723%11%7%

5 Replies to “Look up Your School’s UC Admittance Rate”

  1. Aaron Bruhnke says:

    trying to figure-out your technique. when I looked-up the school I work at on the UC website, it indicated that 105 had applied, 81 had been admitted, and 53 were enrolled.

    I calculate the admittance rate as 77%; yours is 15%

    I take it that you are calculating the % of the ENTIRE senior class to be admitted, regardless if they applied.

    While I can understand that approach, there is some merit to my way of approaching the data, insofar as you can’t be admitted if you don’t apply. And my spin also indicates that my particular school’s UC preparation is sound. (though, I suspect you would suggest, limited…)

    your thoughts?

    1. School Data Nerd says:

      Thanks so much for your reply! First of all, there is some very valid and important questions to be asked about the admittance per application rate that you are talking about -and I covered it last year in a post called “Some schools overapply to UC’s” (you can search for it).
      However, Let’s imagine two schools (A and B). They both have 100 students. School A has only 1 student apply and that one student gets into the UC. School B has 75 students apply and 50 of them get in. By your measure, School A would have a 100% admittance rate, while B would have a 67% admittance rate. But that would mask the fact that half of students at School B got into UCs, while only 1% of students at School A got in.
      If we are evaluating whether a school prepares kids to get accepted, then my measure works. If we are evaluating whether a school encourages kids to apply who will get in and dissuades others, your measure would work. It’s really a difference in what you want to measure.

  2. Hello, I’d like to get a better understanding of your formula so that I can cross check my school’s data.

  3. I think the other thing this misses is what I believe are widely varying levels of competitiveness amongst the UCs. Not asking you to do this, as I appreciate what you have done, but obviously a school that has a bunch of kids applying to UC Merced would get a leg up using your methodology. Wonder if the high schools near UC Merced have higher scores. Personally, I also think % of applicants is more meaninful than % of students admitted. FWIW.

    1. School Data Nerd says:

      I think this is a fantastic question, and probably my next post.

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