2016 Year in Review

It has been just over 300 days since I started this blog, and in that time, I have written 95 posts. I started it as a dinky little Tumblr account, and have grown into a full-on Blog. And while I started by just sharing this with my students and friends, there are now people, whom I have never […]

Where are the White Kids in LAUSD?

This post is about something that everybody knows – but it is still interesting/depressing to look at. As I have noted before, Los Angeles is a place of de-facto segregation – but what does that segregation look like? Below is a heat map that shows the populations of white students in LAUSD Schools. Red represents more white […]

How Ethnically Representative is your School?

Los Angeles is a diverse city. LAUSD mirrors that diversity, as you can see by the enrollment percentages below: However, Los Angeles is also a prime example of what sociologists call “de facto” segregation. Schools are a mirror of that segregation. Many schools pull enrollment from their local areas, which are segregated and they cannot […]

Diversity in LAUSD is What you Might Expect

Yesterday, I created diversity rankings for all LAUSD schools. Let’s take it a step further and map out that diversity. If you zoom in a bit, you can start to see the patterns.  The Eastern and Southeastern parts of LAUSD have the least diverse schools. West LA, the Harbor Corridor and the West Valley have more […]

How Diverse is your School?

I spent a lot of time thinking about what diversity really means. I even came up with a weird complex metric that involved squaring deviations….and then while sitting in the heat and watching my daughter play in the pool – it came to me. Let’s start by defining what is NOT diverse. Not-diverse schools are […]