2016 Year in Review

It has been just over 300 days since I started this blog, and in that time, I have written 95 posts. I started it as a dinky little Tumblr account, and have grown into a full-on Blog. And while I started by just sharing this with my students and friends, there are now people, whom I have never […]

The Achievement Gap: Comparing Charters and LAUSD on African American Students' Performance

At the School Board meeting this past Tuesday, the board had a miniature melt down over the data for under-served subgroups in LAUSD. One of the main points that set them off was the data for African American students, who average significantly below peer groups across the district. Is this challenge affecting charter schools as […]

These Schools have MAJOR Socioeconomic Achievement Gaps

People talk about the achievement gap all the time. Usually, they are talking about comparing different schools. They are comparing schools with wealthy students to schools with poor students. But there are several schools in L.A. where the achievement gap exists within the school. At these schools, the wealthier students vastly outperformed the poorer students. (On the CAASPP […]

Low-Income Middle Schools: Who does it best? Part 1: English

Let’s get personal. I teach at Luther Burbank Middle School, a middle school where almost every student comes from a low-income family. I wanted to answer a simple question – How do we compare to similar schools? And what are the best and worst performing middle schools that serve low-income populations? Let’s just look at English scores […]

Where are the Poor Kids in LA County?

Public schools are the largest social safety net in America today. One way to think about it: LA County Schools offer free lunch to 884,731 students, and reduced price lunches to 144,509 more (CDE Source Link Below). That is 2/3 of all students in LA County.  Students receive free or reduced price lunches based on […]