Celerity’s New Schools are Just Their Shuttered Schools with New Names

* This is the longest post I have ever written. Forgive me. Here is a Too-Long-Didn’t-Read Summary: Two Celerity Charter Schools will be closed on June 30. Their charters were not renewed by LAUSD and the State Board rejected their appeal. But in their place, in the same locations, with their same principals, and most of the […]

LAUSD Will Consider 3 New Charter Petitions Next Week

Next week, the LAUSD board will take action on three proposed charter schools that would open in the 2018-2019 school year. One of the three charters is an alternative high school, a topic on which I have absolutely no expertise. The other two are supported by a program called Building Excellent Schools. BES says it “trains high-capacity individuals to […]

Vouchers and Special Education in Los Angeles

Everyone is talking vouchers. I heard a particularly interesting piece on NPR last week that talked about the struggles of one family in Florida trying to use vouchers to find a private school that would accept their child with special needs. (Spoiler alert: they couldn’t find one). So let me just ask the question: What would vouchers mean […]