Where is LAUSD enrollment shrinking?

LAUSD enrollment is declining. This is not news. But where is that happening? Is it happening all over, or just in certain places?And in what grades? Between in 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years, enrollment in traditional LAUSD schools dropped by 9,439 students. Meanwhile, charter school enrollment in LAUSD is growing. In the same time period, charter […]

LAUSD has a lot of Twitter Accounts

Today’s post has nothing to do with data. It is just something I noticed because I am deeply addicted to twitter (and you can follow me at @schooldatanerd) But seriously, LAUSD has so many twitter accounts! Of course, there is the main, @LASchools account. But, by my count, there are at least 20 other twitter accounts. […]

Two New Charter Petitions Rely on Faulty Data

In order to get approved, charter founders have to submit a petition to LAUSD, which then has to be approved by the board of education. In all charter petitions, the petitioner must prove that a charter is needed by demonstrating that the area where the school would be located is not served adequately. But for two charters set to open […]